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Frequently Asked Questions in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque, New Mexico

Learn More About Oriental Medicine

Dr. Yu Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, LLC in Albuquerque & Rio Rancho, NM specializes in Oriental medicine. We are known for acupuncture, a popular Chinese treatment for various conditions. Acupuncture is done by inserting very fine needles to selected acupuncture points along the meridians of the body.

What should I see an acupuncturist for?

There are a few reasons to consider this alternative treatment:

  • When a patient has a condition that does not respond to conventional treatment, acupuncture is an option that could potentially provide an effective solution.
  • Alternative medical options, such as acupuncture, provide a treatment option without drugs, undesirable side effects, or even unwanted surgery.
  • Western drugs, which can be expensive, have side effects or interfere with one another, might not be desirable to the patient. Chinese medicine can treat these conditions in a way that avoids these drugs.
  • The Patient might be seeking a more natural medical approach to healthcare.

How does acupuncture work?

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on an energetic model, instead the biochemical model of Western medicine. The ancient Chinese knew of the essential energy that is in all living things. This energy, which is called Qi (pronounced chee) exists throughout the body. Over thousands of year, the ancient physicians revealed cyclic energy flowing in the human body through specific channels. Each channel is associated with a certain internal system and organ. When the Qi in the pathways is obstructed, it can cause disease.
  • These specific channels communicate with the body's surface at specific pinpoints (also known as acupuncture points). When needles are placed in these points, it can influence the Qi that flows to the internal systems of the body. Acupuncture can also target areas of pain resulting from injury or trauma. A needle placed close to the area of a strained muscle or tendon will redirect the Qi and nutrients to that area. This can reduce pain and accelerate the healing process.
  • The acupuncture treatment can help stop pain, stimulate immune function, or even resolve phlegm issues. The treatment can also help with other functions, like treating rashes or constipation. Some of these target points are chosen by location; for example, using points on the back, legs, or shoulder to treat pain.
  • Diagnosis through pulse and tongue, missed with findings gathered by research over similar symptoms and physical examinations, the acupuncturist determines the location of the affected Qi pathway. The acupuncturist will use this to create a treatment system to find a solution to the patient's condition.
  • From western biomedical research, we know that acupuncture influences a number of physiological functions. Acupuncture can release endorphins (natural pain killing chemicals), restore proper circulation in diseased areas, stimulate hormonal glands, and improve immune system function.
How Many Treatments?
  • The number of treatments required depends on the individual. Some patients respond to the treatment immediately, and others might require further treatment. Typically, you will see some response within 3-5 treatment sessions.

Are the Needles Safe?
  • Yes, the needles are safe. The law actually requires all acupuncture needles to be single-use, sterile, and disposable.

Does Acupuncture Always Help?

  • The effectiveness of acupuncture depends on the individual. Some respond to treatment quickly, and others may require more extensive treatment. In rare cases, patients have been classified as non-responders to the treatment.

Do you use herbs?

  • Yes. Chinese herbal medicine has an extensive history, going back thousands of years in China and other parts of East Asia.

How do herbs differ from Western Medicine?

  • There are a few differences between Chinese herbal medicine and Western Medicine. For example, Western medicine approaches the patient as a healthy individual with a particular problem, whereas Chinese herbal medicine's approach is to the patient is to examine the patient, asking a series of questions to determine all of the possible causes. Chinese medicine will try to discover as many sources for the patient's symptoms as possible by examining all of the physiological circumstances that could be surrounding it.
  • Additionally, Western medicine can come with undesirable side effects, whereas the holistic, herbal approach to Chinese herbal medicine does not.

Consult an Acupuncture Expert

At Dr. Yu Acupuncture, LLC, acupuncture treatments are performed only by licensed and certified healthcare practitioners. Dr. Yu is armed with knowledge and expertise brought to her by her several medical degrees. If you have questions about our treatments and the qualifications of our acupuncture expert, contact us through (505) 896-2011.